The Earnable Token

The first token-based social network is a new kind of social network where you earn digital currency by replying to emails and completing tasks.

We have a new token coming soon, but there is no ICO. You just sign up. And the earlier you get verified, the more tokens you get.

The Earnable Token is backed by

Why issue an earnable token?

Get tokens without an ICO

Get earnable tokens by signing up, getting verified, and completing tasks.

Make social networks useful

Use earnable tokens to pay people to answer emails, complete surveys, or do bug bounties.

Incentivize early adopters

Get verified early and invite many high quality users to earn the maximum token rewards.


How to get earnable tokens

Sign up to and get verified

Set up a verified public profile where people can contact you. The earlier you get verified, the more tokens you get.

Reply to emails to earn tokens

Start getting paid to reply to emails. Connect your Gmail, set your price, and bounce unwanted messages.

Apply to lists to receive more tokens

Join lists based on your skills to receive more targeted tasks.

Invite friends to grow the network

Refer users to receive tokens every time they complete tasks or send paid messages.


How to use earnable tokens

Get replies from VIPs

Every user starts off with some free earnable tokens. Use them to immediately reach out to tech VIPs.

Get thousands of people to respond to your emails

Grow your business by sending paid messages to huge mailing lists. Our customers have obtained 60-80% response rates for their sales, recruiting, and marketing blasts.

Run complex tasks and surveys

Some tasks are more complex than simple emails. You can use earnable tokens to pay people to fill out surveys and complete tasks too.



View the Earnable Token whitepaper.



The Earnable Token beta begins in Q4, but you should sign up for an account and get verified now. You'll be notified as soon as the token is launched.

Role of Token
Internal currency of token-based social network at
TBD when listed on exchange.
Emission Rate
No tokens created after launch.
Early signup date
Open now
Token launch beta begins
Q4 2017
Token distribution
52.4% Users
30.0% Team and Backers
17.6% Researchers, developers, community