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Adrien DONOT

Adrien DONOT

HR specialist @ XXII GROUP
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Digital artist, we also know me under the pseudonym Pulssart. I am passionate about technology and art in all its aspects. I love photography, surf, Italian food, chocolate, travel, and I dream of one day walking on Mars with you. I'm a general expert, my skills range from industrial design to merchandising, multimedia communication, advertising, IT vendor, service technician, trainer (at Apple). All of his skills allow me to understand all the stages and jobs that make the life of a product or service. Today, I work for XXII GROUP as HR specialist. At XXII, we focus on building a bio-inspired AI platform, software solutions, and VR/AR/MR simulation experiences, along with exploring neurosciences that will feed our AI. We want to take part of the coming tech revolution. Contact me directly and without delay at