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Collin Li

Collin Li

MIT MBA, Strategy Consultant, Investor


I am qualified to help you on a number of topics listed below: * Expert knowledge on import (incl. drop-shopping), based on my pre-IPO experience at Kogan (ASX:KGN) as an Import Manager * Strategic advice on growth and operations, based on consulting and business operations experience * Feedback and advice on investment pitches, based on fundraising experience at Web Marketing ROI and private equity experience * Lift the curtain on what it's like to work in consulting and private equity (or any of my other experiences: founding a company, joining a pre-IPO start-up that is now listed, being a board member, etc.) * Admission advice into top MBA programs * Tutoring help on any maths and science questions, based on 10 years of teaching experience as a private tutor and teaching assistant at MIT and the University of Melbourne * Anything else you think I may be useful at As a long-time teacher, mentor, and coach, I would be happy to answer questions on any of the above topics with you. Just contact me and provide me your contact details, and I will reach out.