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Bas Swelheim

Bas Swelheim

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I am Bas Swelheim. An allround film- and motion graphics professional. I started my career at the Amsterdam TV station AT5. In Post-production. Doing edit – and Motion Graphics work on most of the featured tv programmes and commercials. In 2006 I went freelance. Since then I’ve been working for a lot of major agencies and production houses in the Netherlands. Creating content for national tv as well as the internet. Meanwhile, I also discovered the camera and, as a film lover, I started producing film and video content. This made me an allround content creator, from concept to final product. You can ask me any kind of film, motion graphics or post-production related question. I use the Adobe suite and Cinema 4D myself, but I'm familiar with almost all the major post-production software available. I also have a lot of experience with most of the major camera en lens brands.